Not Nap Time

A Monster's Bad Rap

Put a playful spin on the spooky stuff with this engaging, endearing, empathetic

little story about things that go bump in the night!

Told straight from the tender-hearted monster's mouth, A Monster's Bad Rap introduces the power of perception, sparks imagination and creativity, and gives them back control over the "monsters" in their closets & underneath their beds. 

Sure to send them to sleep with giggles and smiles and soft spots in their hearts!
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written & illustrated by Kelly Grettler

What's a Season? Winter~Spring~Summer~Fall

This sweet collection of four whimsical books will take your child from swimming pools to snowmen and back!

Help them learn their seasons in a way that they can relate!

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A Monsters Bad Rap

Sweet Tea (paperback)

Sweet Tea (hard cover) 

Written by Kelly Grettler & illustrated by Aisha Aamir

Written by Kelly Grettler & illustrated bySolomea Kalinichenko

Not Nap Time

Kids can feel so many things from silly, to snuggly, to sneaky.  
But one thing that they won't admit is when they're feeling sleepy!

Toddler life is exciting and the very last thing they want to do is go to sleep
(especially in the middle of the day!) 
The struggle is real in Kelly Grettler's Not Nap Time, as one little boy does his absolute best to get out of taking his nap.  

A comical, relatable book for anyone who has ever been there! 

written by Kelly Grettler & illustrated by Denise Muzzio

Releasing October 25th:

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Sweet Tea by the Live Oak Tree 

takes the reader on a sentimental journey

backward, or forward, depending on who they are.

A full circle story about the sweet sentiment of life and its most meaningful, memorable moments.
Kelly Grettler's peaceful prose & Denise Muzzio's soft, pastel illustrations compliment each other beautifully

in this tender, relatable story about the passing of time.  

From gradeschoolers, to grandmothers, to brand-new-babies, to brides-to-be, 
this one is not to be missed!

Underneath the Mimosa Tree


Seasons Set


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until October 25th, 2019

written & illustrated by Kelly Grettler

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2nd edition with BRAND NEW illustrations:

written by Kelly Grettler & illustrated byNataly Cohn

written & illustrated by Kelly Grettler

God Always Hears (hard cover)

Kelly Grettler

God Always Hears

A beautiful book about a child gaining a sense of courage and peace during a difficult time by introducing the amazing power of prayer.

Written on the heels of a health-scare of her own, Kelly Grettler's peaceful prose are written from a child's perspective, paired up with Solomea Kalinichenko's timeless, angelic illustrations, and the result is simply stunning.

Underneath the Mimosa Tree

is about the simple things. 

Kelly Grettler's beautifully written, soothing, sweet sonnet will take you from bumblebees and butterflies to bubble-baths, blankets and bed-time.  A timeless treasure, Underneath the Mimosa Tree reminds us to cherish those brief, precious moments as they come.  

A must-have for your child's collection!

The Marvelous, Much-Loved Christmas Tree

That merry, magical, cozy Christmas feeling in a book!

Get into the Christmas spirit with Kelly Grettler's sensory rich holiday story about the things we see around Christmas trees.

The nostalgic, poetic flow of the story is paired with vibrant illustrations and the result will have you feeling festive & in the spirit of Christmas no matter what time of the year it is!

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