Kelly Grettler

Enjoy the

Little Things

in life, for one day you will look back

and realize 

they were the   

 Big Things...

Kelly was born and raised in Northern Virginia, and first realized her joy of writing when she was in middle school, where she won a candy bar for writing the best short story in her class.  

She and her husband, John, first met when he was stationed at nearby Fort Belvoir, in the Army.  They married, traveled, bought a house, then a dog, and were then blessed with their greatest joys...becoming parents of their two boys, Johnny and Jonah.    

Taking a leap of Faith, Kelly and her sweet family decided to relocate to South Texas where they still live today.  They now have two dogs and two cats, and her two boys have grown from toddlers into teenagers, and remain her greatest source of inspiration and pride.  

When she's not writing or illustrating, Kelly enjoys reading, catching up with friends over coffee, puttering around antique shops and just hanging out with her family.